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What is the StandUp Test?

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018 03:15PM PST
The StandUp Test is a test that rates your overall healthiness based on your body’s response to standing up. The test is based on a well-known family of Orthostatic tests that compare your resting heart rate in a sitting position to your heart rate shortly after standing. 

In the sitting position, your heart rate is at its lowest rate. When you stand, your blood is required to overcome gravity and pump harder to circulate throughout your body, and it does so with the help of your autonomic nervous system, leading to a higher heart rate. The StandUp test compares the two slightly different heart rates.

This measurement, measured in percentages, gives some insight on your cardiovascular health. Overall, the higher your percentage, the better your heart is performing.

In theory, 100% is the ideal score. However, you do not need to score 100% to be considered fit. After using it multiple times, the StandUp Test helps determine your personal trends and your baseline percentage.

For some users, a baseline percentage of 20% may be normal, and for others, 80% may be normal.  To optimize your use of StandUp Test, you need to determine your own baseline normal percentage. With this baseline percentage, you can measure if you are well-rested or fatigued.

A percentage lower than your baseline % indicates that you are fatigued/stressed for that day. A percentage higher than your baseline % will indicate that you are well-rested for that day.

For additional health insight, our blog has an article discussing the science behind the StandUp Test.

Your overall goal is to bring this baseline % as high as possible, but keep in mind that the StandUp Test results depend on your bodily patterns. Also, you may not be able to improve your baseline % because you may have reached your optimal score on the StandUp Test. However, if you reach this point, be sure to maintain it.

To use the StandUp Test effectively, take the test at the same time for several days straight to determine your baseline percentage.

The StandUp test is an in-app purchase in Instant Heart Rate and is thus a separate purchase from the Pro version of Instant Heart Rate and the premium subscription. The test involves measuring your heart rate while resting and your heart rate after standing up.

The StandUp Test is currently not available for your device. We are currently working on integrating it into Instant Heart Rate for Android.


Find out how to do the StandUp Test:


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