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How to improve conversion of steps to LifeCoins?

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018 04:55PM PDT

Please note that only outdoor steps will be converted to LifeCoins. If your conversion ratio for LifeCoins is considerably lower than expected, read the suggestions below:

Please check to see if your low conversion ratio is caused by:

The application is asleep or inactive

  • Do not force quit (swipe up) the app

     2. The application is not getting accurate data:

  • Walk outside. Please note that moving near tall structures or near steep hills/mountains can be perceived as indoors by your phone.
  • Please try LifeCoin with your wifi turned off as being connected to public wifi zones can prevent GPS from working correctly.
  • If you have a tendency to walk at slower speeds, the algorithm will only count a part of your total steps as it can be difficult to distinguish small movements. 
  • If you added a protective case recently, please try to use your phone briefly without it to see if it makes a difference in step recognition.
  • Your GPS chipset might be malfunctioning. Please install http://bit/ly/gps-statusapp to check if this is the case. Please note that the accuracy should be below 65, speed should be between 0 and 5 and direction should NOT be -1.


    Some of our users reported that resetting their Location (device Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location and Privacy) and rebooting the phone (press and hold power and home buttons until Apple logo appears) might fix this issue.

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