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How does automatic run detection work?

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018 04:24PM PST
Automatic run detection is a feature in Argus that works on iPhone devices without M7 (4, 4S, 5, 5C) and on iPhone 5S when low power mode is disabled.

It turns on GPS and starts tracking your run when a running cadence of at least 150 steps per minute is detected. It automatically pauses your run when you stop for more than 5 seconds and resumes when you start running or walking again.
A run session is completed when you stop running for more than 6 minutes. A walk after a run will be counted together with the run until you stop walking for more than 5 seconds.
- Run session starts when cadence is > 150
- Run session pauses when you stop for more than 5 seconds.
- Run session completes when your don't run for 6 minutes (cadence < 150) and also stop walking.

To get best results make sure that: 
- Your running cadence is over 150 steps per minute. Generally your cadence should be more than 170 steps per minute if you have a good running form.
- Never go below running cadence for more than 6 minutes.
- Finish your run with a short sprint. This will make sure that run end is properly detected.

If you love to finish your run with a longer walk you can alternately use manual run start ( (+) in the top right corner of the screen > Running ). The results will be similar with all the data like distance, duration, pace, map, cadence profile, pace profile. The only difference is that you have control over start, stop and pause of your run. You can also record your Hikes or Bike rides in the same way.

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